In the Mood...

It has always been my dream to make an 80s workout dance video, so a few months ago I asked Jason Millner if he would direct it. I then contacted Abbi Press (DJ extraordinaire) and together with Jeff Buoncristiano as our killer DP, Alicia Rota choreographing the moves, and some badass girls working their butts off.. we made some magic.

'In the Mood...' is a new single written, produced, recorded, and mixed by Abbi Press.

Zona Pictures & Buon Co presents Abbi Press in "In the Mood..."
Producer: Irina Gorovaia
Director: Jason Millner
Director of Photography: Jeff Buoncristiano
Choreographer: Alicia Rota
Sound: Keith Trinh
ADR: Mitch Luther
PA: Hannah Borden
Cast: Abbi - Abbi Press
Girl Gang Leader - Irina Gorovaia
Girl Gang- Marina Gasparyan, Erin Johnson, Alicia Rota, Kauri Sievers and Courtney Torres
Special Thanks: The Cobra Club & Marcela Gomez

Бабушка | BAb(oo)shka PRODUCTION PHOTOS!!

Some photos from our performance at St. Ann’s Warehouse.

All photos are by Teddy Wolff.

(Truly a dream come true. To get to act in both Russian & English - to deal with reliving the past, struggling with Jewish identities.. oooof)

Бабушка | BAb(oo)shka

I am beyond excited to get the opportunity to perform at St. Ann's Warehouse as part of Labapalooza! at the end of this month along side some suuuuuper talented humans.

the piece is called Бабушка | BAb(oo)shka, written and constructed by Anna Lublina

and created in collaboration with Elena Rose Light, Julia Danitz, Julia Cavagna, Marina Gasparyan, myself, Julia Gu, Julian Hernandez, and Lim Mui.

in Russian and English, Anya and Babushka struggle to communicate their Jewish identities via The Sims. Their histories emerge as a patchwork of puppetry, klezmer music, and dance.
(that's right! we get to play in two languages!!)

for tickets:

i would love for you all to join me on this adventure. we are a part of program B.
(get them soon because they're selling quick!)


A Night for Babushka

Hi friends!

Join me and other post Soviet Jews at a fundraiser for Бабушка | BA(boo)shka.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at The Old American Can Factory in Brooklyn.

There will be Russian food & song & dance.

Marina Gasparyan and I will be translating a Russian poem,

“Вот какой рассеянный“ by Самуил Маршак.

Come laugh & cry with us!

a night for babushka.jpg

Go Down On Me Or Die

A project I feel very strongly about is coming to the Barrow Group Theatre as a part of the Performance Artist Residency on the 22nd and 23rd of March 2019 with the following cast members:

Maarit Hara, Marina Gasparyan, Emily Evans, Irina Gorovaia, Ines Choucino Storani, Shane Jensen, Jason Millner, David Joseph Volino, Marianne Goodell (on the 22nd) and Julie Berndt (on the 23rd).

Directed by: Maarit Hara

Go Down On Me Or Die is a female revenge fantasy where men face the consequences for not going down on the women they are sleeping with.

Concept created by Maarit Hara. Written by: Maarit Hara and Marina Gasparyan.

Description: A group of women have had enough of men not paying the price for their selfish actions in bed and have taken matters into their own hands. Go Down On Me Or Die is a dark comedy that explores the absurdity of human behavior. This play is a raw take on female sexual pleasure and the ways that women are conditioned by society to think and speak about sex.


Shana Tova! Happy Jewish New Year!

A Snippet of Celebration made for the Jerusalem Post:

Can you spot me? (Hint- I’m in a pale blue suit!)

Broadcast Air Dates: September 7-11, 2018
Project: One Take 2 Min Video.
Client: The Ruderman Family Foundation
Production Co: Autonomous Pictures

The Sun On Your Elbows

The Sun On Your Elbows, a short film written & directed by Jason Millner, starring me, has won JetBlue’s National Flip My Forecast 60 second Film Competition. We won two free tickets anywhere that JetBlue flies!