Бабушка | BAb(oo)shka

I am beyond excited to get the opportunity to perform at St. Ann's Warehouse as part of Labapalooza! at the end of this month along side some suuuuuper talented humans.

the piece is called Бабушка | BAb(oo)shka, written and constructed by Anna Lublina

and created in collaboration with Elena Rose Light, Julia Danitz, Julia Cavagna, Marina Gasparyan, myself, Julia Gu, Julian Hernandez, and Lim Mui.

in Russian and English, Anya and Babushka struggle to communicate their Jewish identities via The Sims. Their histories emerge as a patchwork of puppetry, klezmer music, and dance.
(that's right! we get to play in two languages!!)

for tickets: https://stannswarehouse.org/show/labapalooza-2019/

i would love for you all to join me on this adventure. we are a part of program B.
(get them soon because they're selling quick!)